Finlayson Open Exhibition, an art exhibition showcasing the works of students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences' Finlayson campus, is arriving to the main library Metso. The far-reaching exhibition gathers together animation and more traditional painting from over ten artists. Our aim is to leave a mark by showcasing the status of students at the Finlayson campus right now. However, the themes or ways for expression are not restricted by any means because we believe this actually brings the truth on the table of what's happening at Finlayson in the beginning of 2010s.
Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun Finlaysonin kampuksen opiskelijoiden töitä esittelevä näyttely Finlayson Open Exhibition saapuu pääkirjasto Metsoon. Laaja-alainen näyttely kokoaa yhteen muun muassa animaatiota ja perinteistä maalaustaidetta yhteensä yli kymmeneltä taiteilijalta. Näyttelymme haluaa jättää jäljen näyttämällä tamperelaisille kuvan Finlaysonin kampusalueen opiskelijoiden olotilasta ja käsityksistä juuri nyt. Tästä huolimatta näyttelyn teosten teemat, kuten esitystavatkin, vaihtelevat paljon, koska juuri tätä kautta saavutetaan mielestämme todellisin kuva siitä, mitä Finlaysonilla tapahtuu 2010-luvun alussa.
I am actually a student at Tamk Media - University of Applied sciences. My artworks and my interests are based on digital media and everything that can represent a visual beauty. I create unusual and creative elements that allows people to get a different point of view about a certain subject. As a student, i don´t define my self an artist yet, but i know my visual skills will be improved day by day. I am interested in music video, Animation, Art installation, video editing, video and photography, clay modelling and lot of more. i worked for Jandia band creating an animation 2D with effects for their new Music video called "radiate". i also had experience with StopMOtion animation, creating "jack the monster", a paper pop-up stopMotion animation created with dragon frame and edited in After Effects that has been screened at IcKLE Film Festival of Dundee - Scotland. In addiction to this, i created an animation 2D for a Tampere event promo-video. My future project is a trapcode music video. i am really interested to music videos and composing. Please take a look to my personal projects here:!designs/ck0q
Currently I am studying at Tampere University of Applied Science on Media faculty where I actively participate in courses from Fine Art department such as Narrative Photography and Fine Art Photography. I use architecture as a starting point of my photographs. My work is an examination of space, light, color and balance. I catch idea as long as it is fresh. I tend to observe shapes of the buildings since I can remember to explore new patterns. Minimal and abstract character of my works corresponds to modernist paintings. Besides photography I am interested in traditional painting, installation art and blogging:
I’ve always loved the possibilities of visualizing things. I started art as a fun hobby beside school and somehow it led me to study graphic design. Media studies caught my interest so I decided to continue in TAMK and currently I’m doing animation projects and getting to know more soft wares and techniques. It’s yet to be defined what I will be called when I graduate but I’m surely enjoying the great opportunities to learn and do something I love. For me art is a way to express and awake feelings in both, the artist and viewer, even though the experience itself could be quite different for them.
I’m still looking for my style as an artist, especially digitally since I had only done traditional art before I picked up the drawing tablet a year ago. I am most interested in creating characters and the stories behind them, and I hope to give a little glimpse of something far bigger in my works.
What drive me as an artist are curiosity and the thought “I can do better than this” when I review my own works. Of course there are the other creative people who inspire me and give me new goals and ideas. I currently feel the need to learn even more, than just pursue some particular art form or media. I mainly do digital art and I am new to this media, but learning fast. I still work in traditional form whenever I can.
Music has always been the most inspiring thing in my life. When I started to work in the Media field I always tried to combine art with music. Capturing unexpected moments on stage or the passion musicians show while performing is the most lovely thing in this world. Going away from the strict photography rules and just trying to keep THIS special moment – this is art for me. Music photography is my passion; and it will always be.
Making illustration is one of my artistic trades, aside from specializing in graphic design and daydreaming. I find inspiration through observations of my own daily life and travel experiences. I draw in bright colours and minimalism because I'm a big fan of both. The world we live in nowadays might seem harsh and frightening, but I believe that there are still plenty of good things to hope and wish for, as we carry on living. In the near future, I hope to produce a series of artworks that illustrates the convergence of my Asian heritage and the European perspective during my studies here in Finland.
I paint stories. Stories told by those animal-like or even beastly human beings, humane animals and other peculiar creatures appearing on my canvas. For me, painting is a process of searching and finding, and getting to know all my characters by listening to their tales. My main instrument is humour, but there is often something lurking in the background, behind the laughter. Maybe a touch of sadness, or a pressuring feeling of something slightly disturbing.
To me the most important thing in art is speculating everything and being curious. Without hiding from myself, or my perspective on the world and the people in it, I yearn to find, know, experience and see. The variety of humanity is vast and probably its infinity and enigma drive me to take hold on all its phenomena, no matter how big or small, they force me to stop, stay still and observe. I do not believe that art is the truth or that it explains everything. I want my work to be tangible to all so that they can find their own narrative and inspiration without grand philosophy, knowledge of art history or conventional wisdom. I want to raise their curiosity, the lust to think, feel, experience and see, to inspire what inspires me: a chronic curiosity towards the world and the self. I work a lot with media art and mixed media. Usually my pieces are installations with elements of film, photography and sculptor. I am really theme oriented, so my media varies quite a lot. Often the phenomena that drives me turns into a piece while I’m exploring so I don’t decide before hand what I want to work with, but instead I surrender to the path of my curiosity and what it brings up.
In my artistic working everything begins from a childlike enthusiasm and curiosity. Passion has been a cornerstone in every part of my live as well as in my artistic working. I often adventure between painting and sculpture, and for a while, I've been interested in adding other elements in painting than just a paint. At the moment I'm interested in portraying my thoughts and feelings in an abstract way, especially love. In my previous works I've examined my identity, mind and imagination. Perhaps art is about searching and discovering new things. I see life as an explorer and I have the same approach in my working style.
My paintings are my research. Through my artworks I want to explore the emotions that swell behind what we see on the surface. One picture doesn’t tell us the whole story, just like one smile doesn’t reveal us someone’s whole emotions. Still we have the need to base our assumptions on individual appearances. Behind the faces of the people I’ve portrayed in my paintings there are histories that are long gone. Still we identify with their past and wonder what was their fate. I hope that looking at my work people don’t see just a pleasing picture, but instead a look into their own past, to their mind and thoughts.
I’m currently studying media with the emphasis on game design. I mostly work with pencils and I enjoy keeping my artwork on a reality-based surreal note. My sources of inspiration are anatomy, technology, concept art and nature. My goal is to create art which does not need to have spoken or written words to explain what is seen
When it comes to art, the things I appreciate the most are unique ideas. I want to use images to convey concepts and stories behind them. I have a tendency to daydream a lot and I really enjoy creating stories and drawing them out. It's like creating a world out of nowhere with a pencil, and I love it. Currently I'm studying Media at TTVO and my main interests are animation and game design. I specialize in character design, meanwhile trying to keep my skills as versatile as possible. I aiming to develop my own unique style and train hard to become a better artist. Sketchblog:
I get inspiration from my dreams and I enjoy odd combinations by mixing different styles and ideas. mixing realism with fantasy and a lot of different patterns. My biggest influences are movies, games, lowbrow art, art brut, Asia, surrealistic animation and anime. I am usually more interested in finding out about the creative process behind a story, than watching the story unfold. I can remember the visual details - the atmosphere, the scenery and the character design - better than the plot. I enjoy my work because I have the freedom to express myself from the beginning. I want to be versatile and will always want to work in a creative environment and I also adore the idea of always being able to learn and get better in what I do. For me it's all about discovering. Discovering new.
I am a second year student in Tampere University of Applied Sciences Fine Art Program. In my work I explore human emotions. Memories and random moments are an important source for me. A delicate touch that meant something big, or a glance thatʼs easily forgotten. A major aspect in my work is also the craving and obsession between two people - itsʼ beauty and itsʼ horror. I try to capture in my art these fleeting moments, leaving a trace of that special moment so the viewer can always return to it. As my main media I have used mostly acrylic- and watercolour painting, along with drawing with different materials. Lately I have also been interested in working with video.
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